Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great friends & Chocolate cake

I have this great friend who is one of my best customers and all her love and support just warms my heart. I made her father's birthday cake several weeks ago and it got rave reviews from her whole family. It was a moist chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream icing after which I added chocolate shavings all over and rosettes around the top. The happy birthday was written with pipping gelly.

This week is pretty busy with looking for employment in the baking field(hopefully), dealing with my son's asthma diagnosis(and he had his shots yesterday, poor kid), trying to focus more on my writing, and two orders for this week. The same friend as mentioned above needs a dozen cupcakes for Thursday and she's given me full artistic and flavour freedom and then I have a big cake order for 75 people needed for Saturday morning. It will be the biggest cake I've ever made and I will be making half of it vanilla and half of it chocolate and covered in a classic buttercream. It is for the 20th anniversary of Emilly Murphy Non-Profit Housing. Not sure my fridge is big enough to fit everything in it! So now its up to me to balance and organize my time and keep on schedule and everything will be fine! I hope.