Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend of nothing

Chocolate Chocolate Cake
I have been ultra tired these days.  Work usually has that effect on people I know.  I've been able to get some baking in between days, when I can muster up the energy that is.  Let's see, I'm having trouble remembering my days.  I made a small chocolate cake for a friend of mine, which she said they enjoyed very much (I always like to hear feedback).  I made brown sugar pound cake cupcakes with the left over chocolate icing from the chocolate cake. And some little treats here and there like cookies and bark.  Fionn is doing alright these days, just working on getting better.  The pneumonia is still there and RSV on top of it but he's recovering.  His little finger has healed nicely and the leg is healing very well.  We won't need to go back to get his cast taken off because they cut it down the sides and put more fiberglass on top so that I can take the whole thing off myself.  They also cut down to below the knee and said he can start walking on it.  He was very happy about that.  He's been walking around and enjoying the knee bending freedom.  We had a scare last weekend though when I took the cast off.  At first he was all about walking, wobbly and limpy but walking non-the-less.  And then the next day he wouldn't put ANY weight on it at all.  So I got worried and brought him back to the hospital and waiting ages for them to tell us that the bone looks intact and to just put the cast back on for another week.  So we did that and I took it off yesterday to see his progress and it's not looking so great.  Might have to put the cast back on for another week.

Fionn's break one week into healing

The full cast before it was cut down.  A quick sponge bath at Dylan's birthday party

We are enjoying a lovely long weekend and I have ZERO plans and I'm loving it.  I'm content just sitting at home in my PJ's and vegging.  I'll probably do some cleaning later but it's nice to just do nothing for a while.  We had a mini flood last weekend and that was pleasant.  Took all the towels I had to soak it up and there was still more water.  It's all dried now thanks to my sister's dehumidifier.

As for Valentines day... I spent it with my sweetheart.  AKA my son!  He is the one (little) man that will always have my heart no matter what.  I love you more then words can say.  You are my life, my love, my world!  xoxo

And now for some not so great news, not that the rest of my news has been so great either but this news sucks.  We are giving our dog Chinook away.  With all of Fionn's asthma and pneumonia's, I don't want to have the animal dander as an added trigger if I can help it.  My neighbour is a professional dog trainer and she already has an older dog, very similar to Chinook, and has expressed interest in her in the past.  So I went over and talked to her and she said she would take her no problem.  So this tuesday Chinook will be leaving us for her new home.  She'll be just next door so we will be able to see her often enough and this way she will get some proper training and obedience.  And now maybe I'll get a bit more undisturbed sleep.  She still wakes me up at least twice a night to go pee.  But she's been a good dog for the time that we've had her.  We'll miss her.

And just because I love taking random pictures I thought I would share some random moments.  
one of Fionn's lovely paintings

Fionn painting the above painting 

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