Friday, April 16, 2010

Vegan Raspberry Scones anyone?

So I'm not entirely sure that they are vegan but I got the recipe from the cookbook 'Babycakes', from the vegan bakery in New York so I assume they are. I, on the other hand, am not vegan but I like to try out new things. And they are fabulous. I had to run to the grocery store with my son to find spelt flour, coconut oil and agave nectar, for which I didn't have in my pantry, and that was interesting. I had never heard of agave nectar before and therefor had no clue what I was looking for. I searched the jam isle, baking isle, juice isle and finally gave up and went back to the health food section to look around and then I found it right where I started! So at 10:30pm I started making these scones because I wanted to send some out to my brother in Calgary(my mom was flying out the next morning), so I wanted them ready for take off. I doubled the recipe because they only made 8 and I wanted enough to give to the rest of my family. they said to bake for 14 minutes, rotating half way, but I found that they were still too soft in the middle so I left them in for another couple of minutes. Next times I might leave them in a bit longer because they were still a bit soft but otherwise delicious!

I'm not sure if giving out the recipe would be some sort of copy write issue so for the time being I won't. But so far, the scones are the first recipe I try, this book is very good. Here's a link to their website if anyone is interested.

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