Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis the season!

How is it that you can be so busy when you are unemployed?  Anyways thats about to change soon (hopefully).  I have an interview next week at a bank.  I know, it's not a bakery but I've got to be realistic with my availability and all.  Anyways hopefully I'll be employed by the end of next week.

I've got a few things coming up this week.  I'm baking for this really neat event being put on her in Ottawa for awareness against gender violence. You can read all about it here.  So I've got some cookies, cupcakes, carmel popcorn and other goodies lined up for that.  Let the baking begin!

Monday is the anniversary of the deaths of  the 16 woman who were shot dead in Montreal.  It is National Day of Action and Remembrance on Violence Against Women.  On December 6, 1989, 14 young women were killed by a gunman at an engineering school in Montreal. The events of that day focused national attention on male violence against women. Here in Ottawa there is a vigil being held.   A vigil to honour and grieve all women who have died as a result of male violence.

Monday December 6th, 6pm at the Women's Monument (Elgin and Gilmour)
For more information call 230-6700
This is an event for all women and children.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the service at First United Church, 397 Kent St. at 7pm.  Everyone is also encouraged to attend a fundraiser for Harmony house at "Mash" on Elgin St. from 7-10pm.

So all you woman out there who have been affected by violence or know someone who has been affected by violence or even just for woman who want to stand strong and be a part of something beautiful and support one another, come on out and light your candles.  

Next one my list is some cupcakes for thursday.  Then a really cool golf birthday cake for a friend of my sister.  I'll post pictures when it's made or course. That same day is my other sisters birthday so I'll be making something special for her as well!

Then Christmas baking!  I've got some fun stuff planned and pictures will be coming as well.

On a non baking note I'm heading to the Sens game this evening with my father!  A good family friend couldn't go so she passed them along to us and let me tell you they are amazing seats!  I'm not positive but I'm sure they pretty are center ice very near the rink (& players ;)) So the baking will have to take a break tonight.  Baby is being watched by Grandmaman so he's in good hands.  

Also my old dogs (who are now in the loving home of my brother out west) are coming to visit over Christmas!  They normally go to a sitter but she's booked up for the holiday season and west jet does not fly over Christmas so they are arriving before the cut off day and leaving after then cut off day.  They will be here on the 14th!  I can't wait!  For those of you who have pets, you get it.  And those of you who do not, they were my babies before I had my son, so I am very attached to these two mutts!  I'm almost more excited for them to come visit then I am for my brother and his new girl friend to come after Christmas, almost lol.

So that's all for now folks!  Watching Nemo with my boy before the baking begins.

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