Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 = A good year

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and new year.  I've been lucky enough to spend lots of time with my family and it's been great.  Santa was good to us.  My brother is in town and the dogs have been wonderful too.  I've been quite busy which is why I've sort of been off my game and not blogging.  Sorry.

My handsome boy, Fionn, and I.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
On another note, new years eve, I was in a car accident.  I got hit by a bus.  Yep, a bus.  Just my luck.  He cut me off with no signal while I was in a turning lane and the moment I notice he was coming in to my lane I stopped but he scrapped the whole front right corner.  Ripping off the head light and bagging it up.  No charges were laid but it's still gonna cost quite a bit.  We're dealing with insurances and everything now which is not pleasant.  The most important part is that we're all ok.  I was in the car with my son and two dogs and thank god we weren't going fast.  I count myself lucky that the car is the only thing hurt.

The damage
So for Christmas I made Aprons for the ladies in my family.  I got this really cool canvas material from Ikea in Calgary and I thought it would make beautiful aprons.  My mom got one and so did my two older sisters and my brother's new girlfriend.  See the picture below;

My mom and my older sisters posing in the aprons I made them 
I thought I would mention how cute my new niece is.  Before she was even born I bought her the sweetest red pajama with a butt flap!  So we needed a photo of it before she outgrew it.  She's a growing machine. She's only 3 months old and she's in 9 month old clothes.  That's one well breastfed baby!

Just look at those eyes!
My oldest sister, the mother of my nice Zoe, has cut out dairy from her diet in hopes to have a less fussy baby and it seems to be working.  So for her birthday she requested a non dairy cake.  I went and found a non dairy and cholesterol free chocolate cake.  It turned out ok. Not my favorite but still good.  We also celebrated my father's going away party that same night.  He moved to India for work and I can't wait to be able to go visit.  I made a lemon icebox pie for that same night.

Lemon icebox pie, and chocolate cake in the back (note the loads of decorations my aunt added for fun)

 I have been getting Fionn's picture taken with Santa every year but this year we didn't do the mall thing but we did see santa and I just took a picture with my phone.  He's still not too sure about this whole Santa deal.  But he does keep telling me Santa's coming. lol
Fionn and Santa
 I had to add this picture just because.  Fionn giving his Aunt Nicole a Christmas kiss in his Dish Dash (nightgown from Oman)
 And what's New Years without Red Velvet Cupcakes!  These are my all time favorite and they are always a hit.  Except for my little sister who doesn't like cream cheese icing.  Sorry lol

I would also like to point out that I do not want to have a New Years resolution but rather some positive changes for life.
>I would like to take the time to write EVERYDAY.  It can be anything, blogging, journaling, poetry, bits and pieces of fiction, whatever.... Just write and keep writing)
>Take better pictures.  I don't want to forget anything.  I want it all on camera.
>Take special ME time and scrapbook more often.
>Follow through and throw out 50 things (I'm at 4 lol) I've got to get my life organized and it starts with my apartment.  GET RID OF LIFE CLUTTER!
>Sew more
>Take care of my health and my body.  I would like to jog and first I would need to teach my body to jog.  I want to feel good in my own skin.  I want to be able to keep up with my toddler.
>I am determined to be happy and grateful for my life.
>Learn to budget and stick to it
>Read more, like I use too
>LOVE.  Love who I am.  Love my son.  Love my family.  Just more love in general.

"guess what? We get only one to work with. Life, that is. What is it you want to do with yours?"

I'm ready to take 2011 by storm and make it the beginning of a better life for me and son.  Here goes!

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