Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cakes 'R' Us

Finally this week has come to an end. Sort of. In terms of my baking orders for this week, it's all done! I am typing this mostly one handed as I fend off my nearly two year old son, Fionn-pronounced Finn, from the keyboard as we watch Finding Nemo for the zillionth time. I have to find time to write any chance I get. Being a single mom, finding balance is a tad more complicated. But I'm not complaining.

I spent the day in hospital yesterday with my sister and nephew. My nephew had to have surgery to remove his tonsils, adenoids and have tubes put in his ears and having been there myself I was there for emotional support and to help her out. Dylan, my nephew is doing marvellously well for a 2 year old and he's still in the hospital but should be out sometime today if all is well. Kids are such troopers, and he is one tough little dude.

The dozen cupcakes for my friend turned out beautiful and I found these super cute cupcake liners that were red with white polka dots(I love polka dots!) so I decorated them with a white buttercream swirl and pipped some red dots all over.

So after getting home from hospital last night, putting Fionn to bed and having a small puppy training session from my neighbour, it was now time to decorate the giant cake. At 8pm I started making the buttercream in 2 one kilo batches and I was up until 1:30 am last night icing that bad boy. But it's done and they picked it up this morning and were very pleased.

I will head out to the anniversary party this afternoon to make sure it's a hit. I like to see people enjoying my cakes, don't you? The inside of the cake is half vanilla and half buttermilk chocolate, recipe taken from the Magnolia Bakery cook book which I got while ago and I love it. I'm planning on making their pumpkin cheese cake cupcakes with gingersnap crust for thanksgiving. It's my new tradition to make a new pumpkin desert every thanksgiving. Last year I made a Jamaican spice pumpkin pie which was sooo good. The difference was mainly that it had coconut milk, rum and a few extra spices in it but it made all the difference in the world and topped with some delicious whip cream(Starbucks style, since I make it exactly the same way- I use to work there and managed to grab an old whip cream maker before they threw it out since they hadjust received a shipment of new ones and this one is still in fine condition. Anyways all that to say that doe

sn't Starbucks have the best whip cream?).

I would like to take this evening to relax but I am babysitting my other sister's newborn baby girl, Zoe, while she and her fiance go to their good friend's wedding. I will be in close proximity and just a text away from calling mommy when baby girl wants a meal. My boobs are closed for business and are out of production, sorry baby girl.

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