Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Terrible Twos anyone?

It's official. I have a two year old. And let me tell you this; the terrible twos do not start the day your child turns two. In fact it starts earlier. I know right. As if a normal crazy toddler wasn't enough that they now throw tantrums and everything is mine and they say no to you. It's enough to drive anyone a little crazy. But then there's those special moments where he says "G'night mom, I love you" and then puckers up his lips and asks for "un beck"(for those non-bilinguals out there it means a kiss), and all that just makes it worth all the tantrums in the world. Okay maybe not all the tantrums but you get what I mean.

It was his official birthday yesterday and since we had already had his party last weekend and my sister's birthday two days prior, cupcakes and all, I thought I would instead shake things up with a chocolate fondue for two. I melted toblerone chocolate over a double boiler and had a mix of fruit to dip in there. but not even two minutes of dipping and Fionn just takes the spoon and eats the chocolate but who can blame him.

So now I'm working on getting ready for thanksgiving weekend. I've got to go and do groceries and I'll be able to make the pumpkin cheesecakes in advance and have them out of the way while I do the rest of the cooking. This year we're all going to Grandpa's house. Let's hope everyone is on they're best behavior. And I'm not talking about the kids.

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