Thursday, October 14, 2010

Epic Cupcakes

I texted my sister last night and told her to expect some epic cupcakes when she picked up her son(I was babysitting).  She told me later that she underestimated my 'epic' comment and that these better be EPIC if I were to use that term.  Well she underestimated me and my EPIC cupcakes.  I made the peanut butter chocolate cupcakes from made with pink and they were AMAZING.  I almost went in to a diabetic shock they were so rich and delicious.  My mom thought it was too much but she loved the peanut butter buttercream icing.  I say she's crazy but that's cause I can't resist reese's pieces buttercups!  But other then my mother(who is one of my best critics), everyone I gave them to absolutely loved them, which makes me happy!  So I would say they were a great success.

As for tonight I will not bake anything but instead do a workout.  Yes folks, that's right, I said workout.  I said I would make a change and I'm doing my darnedest to do it.  So tonight is the first workout of this week(I realize its already Thursday), and that means I'll have to squeeze in two more workouts by Sunday.  FML  I will learn to love the pain!  Damn you cupcakes!


  1. Those cupcakes were more then delicious, i cant explaine how amazing they were! epic epic epic epic X 100 = how amazing those "damn you cupcakes were"!

  2. Thank you. You are too right my friend! Love it!