Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever

Day 4 now of antibiotics for Fionn.  He seems to be doing a little bit better.  Some moments are better than others.  He's still got a lot of wheezing and rattling in his breathing.  And lots of coughing too.  He's usually good in the morning and then really crabby after his nap.  Poor kid.

We're not doing a whole lot, just trying to relax and get better.  So we've been watching a lot of movies.  For instance Fionn is now watching Fox and the Hound as I write this from the kitchen.  He's so cute when he tries to pick a movie.  He stands on a chair to reach the wall mounted movie rack and he stares at it going 'Ummm umm umm'.  Then he points to one and I`ll take it out and ask him is he wants to watch this one and I'll either get a 'that one' or a 'No mommy'.  He's picky sometimes.  Or maybe he's just serious about his movies.  I get it.  This is how glued he gets to the tube.  Holding his Thomas train and a hockey stick.

 He's been an angel about taking his pump too.  The first time he had pneumonia we went through a faze where he would not take it.  throwing a tantrum and pushing it away and thrashing his head side to side.  but now he's a pro.  He`s still glued to the movie as I give him his pump.

I have this app on my iPhone that takes these crazy looking pictures which I love.  So you might be seeing  lots of these.  You've been warned.

So for today I've got a lot of 'fun' planned.  And by 'fun' I mean chores.  Laundry, laundry, and just to shake things up, do a bit more laundry.  Then I'll have to sort and put away said laundry.  Oh and Vacuum.  Like I mentioned before I'm doggy-siting my sister's white dog and he sheds.  A lot.  So it's a major vacuum day.

 I wish I had more exciting news but being house bound makes for non-excitement.  I'm starting to get a mean case of cabin fever.

It's taking me so long to write this, because of all the lovely interruptions that Fionn has requested another movie.  Next movie feature is Anastasia.  I love Disney movies as much as the next kid-at-heart-parent but I'm getting a little Disney'ed out.  Depending on how the little guy is feeling tomorrow, we might venture out in public.  I need to go shopping for work clothes.  I haven't had a need for office wear in a long time so it's about time I get some appropriate clothes for my new job.

I just wanted to show ya'll all the stuff my boy has to take for his pneumonia.  Two bottles of pink antibiotics for 10 days, steroids to reduce the massive swelling of his lungs, which he finished today(it was just for 4 days).  Then he's got his daily gummy bear vitamins and his two pumps.  That's not including his new prescription for his asthma, which we haven't started taking just yet.  We're also waiting on hearing from the chest clinic to see a specialist.  Pneumonia 4 times in a year is not normal and I'm so glad the ER doctor referred us since our family doctor wouldn't.

I love seeing this.  Fionn snuggling with Rocky.  Minus the mess.  Note the hockey stick. A gift from my cousin which he loves.  We now play carpet hockey in the living room.  Our hockey rink also doubles as a dance floor, a wrestling ring for the dogs, and a gym for mommy when I get the motivation to do a workout DVD.  A lot of living goes on in our living room.

Bellow is Fionn's masterpiece from the other day.  He loves to paint.

I guess that's enough rambling for today.  I'm just delaying the inevitable laundry task.  Hey maybe I'll bake something today.  Isn't that what this blog is suppose to be about?  Life, I tell you, it gets in the way sometimes.

"I must create a system or be enslav'd by another man's. I will not reason or compare: my business is to create."  -William Blake

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