Friday, January 7, 2011

TGIF & 90 seconds of gratitude

Happy TGIF everyone. What's on your baking menu for the weekend? I'm not doing a whole lot of baking this weekend. My sister and her family are leaving for Jamaica tomorrow early in the AM and I have the honour of doggy-sitting again. Just one dog this time. My old pal Rocky, the white husky. He's an old dog now but there was a time where he was just as crazy as my puppy is now. Ok maybe not AS crazy but still hyperactive. Also my brother is leaving tomorrow and with him are my two old dogs which I have been doggy-sitting since mid December. I will be sad to see them go, they have been so good. I think Fionn will be sad too because he's been waking up every morning saying 'Hi Ernie! Hi Bert Bert! You're cute Ernie! You're cute Bert Bert!'. I think he likes that they don't tackle him to the ground like our puppy Chinook does. Bert and Ernie wouldn't be tall enough either. They are corgy mixes so little half pints.  But before he leaves we're going for lunch at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant.  If you've never had Ethiopian food before, GO!  Go now!  It's amazing on so many levels.  Just be ready to get your hands dirty and to fight for your food!  With my family its like a race to the finish line.  If we ever bring a guest with our family they must be forewarned and ready to battle it out.  It's usually cause we're so hungry and we know how good it is.  It's a free for all.  I love it! 

I managed to get an emergency appointment for Fionn's orthopedic surgeon. And by emergency I mean January 27th. That's the closest they could squeeze us in. But hey I'm not complaining because it's closer then May! I would hate that his feet not get examined until may. His poor feet look like they are relapsing. He was born with club feet and his correction has been done without the need for surgery and I hope he won't need any still. I'm hoping IF it is relapsing that it can be corrected with more casting and not surgery.
Pictures taken at the hospital before any correction (1 week old)

One of his weekly casts

first day in his Boots & bars

At the Museum, feet looking good!
We're still sick but getting better. Well I am anyways. Fionn's still feverish and coughing up a storm. He was not well last night and I was this close to going to the ER. He's had pneumonia 3 times this year and I'm always concerned that his colds will trigger another pneumonia. So we'll have to see how things go tonight.

OH happy news! My security check for the bank went through without a hitch and I start on the 17th! I'm excited to get back to work. I'll still be baking but banking too. Lol Banking... Baking, close enough. Just kidding of course. But this will be great for the time being.

If you know me, you know I'm a big fan of Jason Mraz.  I think he's got some of the sexiest music out there.  I love hearing his music and it just makes me so happy.  Anyways he has a wicked blog that I follow.  You can check it out here.  Today he posted something that I thought everyone should take a moment to do.  In 90 seconds, list the things you are grateful for today.  That's it.  Isn't that powerful!?  So here's mine (in no particular order).... annnd go;

My handsome, intelligent son
Bright sunny days
Comfy pajama pants
My warm cozy bed
My incredible mother
Cupcakes, preferably red velvet
Fresh baked bread, with butter
The smell of the ocean
The feel of driving down the open road with the wind in your hair
Jason Mraz's music
My family
Close friends
Cam (you are my shining star)
Books, books & more books
good looking men ;)
Skim milk
Baby boutiques
Fresh cut flowers
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!
Taking breathtaking pictures with my sister's awesome camera
Hot showers
LUSH bath bombs
The roof over my head
Good food
My life
Red wine
Martha Stewart (don't judge, you know you love her too)
Well played hockey
My supportive father
Toilets & toilet paper! (Hey, they weren't always around.  Maybe not in our lifetime but aren't you glad you don't have to worry about it)
The perfect day care provider for my son
And much more then I can fit in to 90 seconds

What are you grateful for?

And to end the evening I thought I would add some pictures that I forgot I had of Fionn and his cousin Felix eating cupakes!

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