Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sick Day & Snow Angels

Oh how I hate thee sick days of winter!
So I've been getting sick these last couple of days and so has Fionn but today we are finally, officially sick.  So he's staying home from daycare and we've been keeping busy indoors.  First off we had breakfast (not a whole lot mind you since both our appetites are low) then he kept asking to watch his new movie from Uncle Kenny, How to train your dragon, which he loves.  He asks me constantly, 'dragon mommy, dragon?'.  It's cute but a little annoying.  I made some homemade playdough to go with his new wooden playdough tool set.  We played with that for a while and then we painted in his paint book (just a blank folio book to paint in) that I got him for his birthday.  And then it was on to our second movie of the day, Brother Bear2, which he calls 'Koda bear, mommy, Koda bear?'.  Koda is one of the bear names in the movie. And this was all before nap time.

He comes up with the funniest titles for his movies I tell you.  Finding Nemo was always just Nemo which makes sense.  And then there was Oliver and Company which he daubed A minou, puppy. Minou is what he calls his favorite stuffed cat.  It's his FAVORITE.  He never goes anywhere without it.

Fionn with his 'Minou' and his cousin Felix
 Just to show you how attached he is to his Minou.

If I feel up to it I might decide to make a cheese and onion tart later, or tomato sauce.  Or perhaps just stick with soup.  My poor boy can't stop coughing.  When he gets sick his asthma gets real bad.  The dual cough, asthma and cold cough, sucks.  Hope he gets over it soon.  I hate hearing him cough in his sleep.

On a happier note, this is what I stumbled upon when I picked him up from daycare.  A happy boy playing in the snow, doing snow angels!

If you're not sick then go out and enjoy winter! Throw yourself in the snow and make some angels!

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